RubyConf Denver

November 8-10, 2021


The largest official gathering of the year, RubyConf brings together top talent, companies, and project representatives from around the world. Learn and build with the best in sessions, workshops, keynotes and parties.

Keynote Speakers

  • Yukihiro Matsumoto (Matz)

    Ruby Association

    The creator of Ruby, Matz works for the Ruby Association to improve everything Ruby.

  • In 2018, Ryann Richardson made history, becoming the 50th Anniversary Miss Black America. Before that, the tech marketer-turned-founder and Diversity & Inclusion advocate spent 10 years building brands and culture for companies spanning early-stage start-ups (Victor) to billion-dollar "unicorns" (Uber) to the Fortune 500 (T-Mobile/Deutsche Telekom). Her work earned her a spot as the youngest honoree on Savoy Magazine’s list of Most Influential Black Executives in Corporate America and set her on the path to discovering her unique purpose as a champion for underrepresented voices. Now, in her second act as a founder, her company Ellington Lafayette Co. is building a new type of tech incubator, focusing exclusively on start-ups that drive social equity for women and communities of color. Ryann travels the US as a Keynote Speaker giving talks “Authenticity and Assimilation”, “Taking Up Space as Women and POC” and “The Politics of Race, Beauty, and Power.”

  • Kerri Miller

    Senior Backend Engineer

    Kerri Miller is a Software Developer and Team Lead based in the Pacific Northwest. She has worked at enterprise companies, international ad agencies, boutique consultancies, start-ups, mentors and teaches students. She currently is a Senior Backend Engineer at Gitlab, and also works for Ruby Together on and Bundler.

    While that is all factually true, it doesn't actually describe an actual person. Kerri has an insatiable curiosity, having worked as a lighting designer, marionette puppeteer, sous chef, and farm hand. She attended college to study performance production, was once a semi-professional poker player, has strong opinions about keycaps, knows some sweet yoyo tricks, and enjoys melting hot glass with a blowtorch to create beads, cane, and murrini. Asked to describe herself in two words, she thought a bit and replied "lackwit gadabout."

  • Kent Beck


    Kent helps geeks feel safe in the world. In Kent's career he has constantly challenged software engineering dogma, promoting ideas like patterns, test-driven development, and Extreme Programming. Currently Fellow at Gusto, he is the author of a half dozen books.

  • Aniyia Williams

    Executive Director
    Black & Brown Founders

    Aniyia Williams is a creator, inventor, and tech changemaker. She serves as Executive Director of Black & Brown Founders, which provides vital resources to Black and Latinx entrepreneurs building tech companies with limited capital. She is also co-founder of Zebras Unite, an entrepreneur-led movement focused on creating a more ethical and sustainable start-up ecosystem.