Frequently Asked Questions

When does the conference start on the 13th? When does it end on the 15th?

In general, programming on conference days starts around 9:30am and ends around 6pm. Registration on the 13th opens approximately two hours earlier (so at 7:30am). On the 15th, we will be ending programming around 4-5pm.

Do you offer any tutorials or workshops?

No, all sessions are lecture-style, with no workshops planned.

Is breakfast provided? What about lunch and dinner?

We do not provide a full breakfast; however, a morning snack is offered every day after the day’s opening keynote. This tends to be things like granola bars, hard-boiled eggs, and whole fruit. We do provide a full lunch and afternoon snack, but not dinner. Coffee, tea, and water are served throughout all conference days.

Are there any ticket discounts available?

We offer a student discount -- if this applies to you, please email us at No other discounts are available.

How do I know if I should purchase the individual or corporate ticket?

The individual ticket (which is the same price as it has been in previous years) is for those attendees who are purchasing their own ticket to RubyConf and financing their own trip. The corporate ticket is for conference attendees whose employer is purchasing their conference ticket and/or financing their travel and accommodations. Attendees are free to choose which ticket they ultimately purchase; we operate on the honor system.

Please note that, as a nonprofit organization, all ticket sales for our conference go towards Ruby Central's mission of supporting the Ruby community.

Can I buy a ticket for just one day?

Tickets can only be purchased for the whole conference at once.

How far away are the conference venue and hotel from the airport?

Our conference venue, the Millennium Biltmore, is in Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA), approximately 20 miles from the airport. While this journey can take as little as 20 minutes in no traffic, it's more likely to take 40-60 minutes with typical daytime traffic and possibly longer during rush hour.

Should I rent a car?

We advise against it. DTLA is full of restaurants, bars, and myriad attractions (a few are detailed on our Location page), most of which are easy to walk to in 10 minutes or less. Also, DTLA parking can be extremely expensive.

Can I go to other things in LA while I'm there?

You certainly can, but it would be fairly difficult. While there are many LA-area attractions outside of downtown (Hollywood, the beach, Disneyland, etc.), unpredictable traffic means that we'd highly recommend saving those for another trip or for staying a few extra days outside of the conference to go see them. For the duration of our conference, we generally would recommend sticking to DTLA to have the best experience.

Are there conference scholarships available?

Yes, we offer a limited number of Opportunity Scholarships each conference, which include a free ticket to RubyConf 2018 and one-on-one pairing with an experienced Guide, who has attended Ruby conferences before and can provide advice on what talks to attend, make introductions to other Rubyists, etc.

However, applications for Scholarships closed on August 30. If you're interested in participating in this program at a future conference, either as a Scholar or a Guide, you can find more information here.

Do you need conference volunteers?

We do! We will need several onsite volunteers to help with tasks such as registering attendees, distributing t-shirts, answering common attendee questions, and so on. Volunteers must be able to commit to 10-15 hours of work (scheduled shifts will be assigned ahead of time), and in exchange, receive a free ticket to attend sessions whenever they're not scheduled.

Currently, all our Volunteer spots are filled; however, if you want to be added to the alternate list (called if a Volunteer backs out at the last minute), please email us with interest!

How do I find out about parties happening during RubyConf?

In addition to any official sponsored parties happening, which will be posted on our website, there are also multiple social events that happen before and after conference programming. These can be shared onsite at the conference on our (physical) Events Board, and are also often collected into a list online that we will promote as RubyConf draws nearer.

Is there a 5K this year?

Unfortunately, no. Given our conference location in the heart of a busy downtown, we were not able to find any suitable running routes that are within walking distance and do not require expensive permits to shut down city streets. We're bummed, but will definitely be bringing this back in future years!

Will conference sessions be recorded or streamed?

Yes! All conference sessions are professionally recorded. Recordings are used to make full edited videos of each talk, which will be available online within one month post-conference (so approximately mid-December). You can see examples of what these videos look like by checking out RubyConf 2017's videos.

Additionally, we will livestream all conference talks in the Biltmore Bowl (including all keynotes) and the Crystal Ballroom. The link for the livestream will be provided via our Twitter account on the morning of each conference day.

Do you provide childcare?

Yes, during all conference days, we provide free onsite childcare from a licensed local provider. While attendees can use this as much or as little as they’d like, we do appreciate as much advance information as possible so that we can try to ensure having enough childcare staff and appropriate activities and gear. When you register, please answer yes (or maybe) to the question about childcare and you will be contacted for information before the conference.

We also provide a dedicated Lactation Room (with a lock and mini-fridge) for anyone who needs it; please note this at registration.

Is your venue accessible for those with disabilities?

Almost all of our conference space at the Biltmore is wheelchair-accessible, with the exception of only the box seats in one of our breakout rooms, the private staff office, childcare, and the lactation room.

We will be offering live-captioning for all of our keynote sessions, in addition to all talks in one of our breakout sessions. This captioning will be available on the screen at the front of the room, and additionally, a link will be provided to attendees who would prefer to see the captioning on their own device.

Beyond this, if an attendee has any requests for accessibility accommodations at RubyConf, please don't hesitate to email us at You can also review our full accessibility policy here.

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