RubyConf Denver

November 8-10, 2021


The largest official gathering, RubyConf brings together top talent, companies, and project representatives from around the world. Learn and build with the best in sessions, workshops, keynotes and other events.

Yukihiro Matsumoto (Matz)

Ruby Association

The creator of Ruby, Matz works for Heroku and the Ruby Association to improve everything Ruby.

Elisabeth Hendrickson

Elisabeth Hendrickson is an experienced technology executive with a proven track record for growing leadership teams and shaping cultures to build leading edge products at a sustainable pace. She has led teams of all sizes, founded companies as an entrepreneur, and been an executive at a publicly-traded technology company. She's a sought-after expert, especially in the area of software process and quality. Her latest venture is Curious Duck Digital Laboratory, LLC where she is developing a simulation to give technologists insight into the non-linear nature of software development.

Andrea Guendelman

Co-Creator of Wallbreakers

Andrea Guendelman is a leading force in creating platforms for minority professionals and the tech industry. Through her own experiences as a Harvard-trained corporate lawyer and an entrepreneur, she co-created Wallbreakers - a solution to connect talented students from underrepresented backgrounds with companies hungry for talent and looking to build inclusive teams.

Through Wallbreakers, Andrea now helps recent and soon-to-be college graduates become well-rounded candidates, preparing them to enter the tech industry through training in tech skills, developing their soft skills, and job placement. In addition to her role at Wallbreakers, Andrea serves as a consultant for the Office of Diversity, Equity and Community Engagement at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Previously, Andrea was the founder and force behind BeVisible, the first career social media platform for Latinx. She can also be credited for the formation of a progressive tech community for women in 2012 and also had an advisory position creating media strategy with the Boulder, Colorado-based National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT).