RubyConf Denver

November 8-10, 2021

COVID-19 Plan and Procedures

Updated October 19, 2021

Vaccines are mandatory
Masks required indoors

Vaccine Verification

Ruby Central is partnering with Health Pass by CLEAR to provide proof of COVID vaccination for safe entry into our events. Attendees should complete this process before the event as the verification can take up to 30 minutes to approve.

Non U.S. based attendees

Please fill out this form and bring your vaccination card for verification onsite. The CLEAR Health Pass will not work for you.

Using the CLEAR App

I'm new to CLEAR

  1. 1.Download the app on your mobile device.
  2. 2.Open the CLEAR app and tap “Get Started” on the Health Pass tile.
  3. 3.Select RubyConf 2021 from the Events in the top bar. If you can’t find RubyConf 2021, select “Have a Code?” and enter EFATTENDEE45.
  4. 4.Complete the in app verification process. Your Health Pass should display green if everything checks out.

I've used CLEAR before

  1. 1.Tap the blue “Change” link within your Health Pass to add a new venue.
  2. 2.At the bottom of the list select “All other locations.”
  3. 3.Add RubyConf using code EFATTENDEE45.
  4. 4.Be sure your Health pass is still verified, it should be displaying as green.

At RubyConf

All you have to do it show a valid ID and green Health Pass at Registration and you’re good to go! We suggest bringing a copy of your vaccination card just to be safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I don’t have a vaccination card from Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson?

    Complete this form instead of using CLEAR.

  • How do I create a Health Pass if I do not have a smartphone?

    There is always a secondary screening option. Please reach out to the Ruby Central staff for further instructions if you do not have a smartphone. You can email for more information.

  • How can I find my Health Pass result after I close the app?

    Open the app and tap on the Health Pass tile. Choose “Open Health Pass” to retrieve your result again. Your Health Pass is only available for 12 hours and then you will need to complete a new one.

  • What if I made a mistake in my health survey resulting in a RED Health Pass?

    The red Health Pass will remain for 12 hours. Please contact for next steps or further instructions.

  • Which vaccines are verified by Clear Health Pass?

    Johnson & Johnson's Janssen, Pfizer - BioNTech, and Moderna are verified by the Health pass. However, if you have other vaccinations, particularly for attendees coming from outside the US, complete our COVID Vaccination (Non-CDC issued) Form and we will use a separate process to verify your vaccination.

  • Can I take a screenshot of my Health Pass for entry?

    No, you must show your Health Pass in the CLEAR app.

  • How do I change my screening option if I selected the wrong one?

    Select ‘Change Screening Option’ on the Entry Requirements screen.

  • What if my front facing camera does not work?

    To enroll in CLEAR, you must have a mobile device with a front facing camera that functions. If you do not have this, please contact the team for further instructions.

  • Can I change my CLEAR photo after I create an account?

    Unless you are prompted to do so in the app, you can change your photo at the airport. Find the nearest airport location using the free CLEAR app and speak to one of CLEAR’s Ambassadors for assistance.

  • How do I get in touch with CLEAR?

    For general questions, you can visit our FAQ page at You can also contact our Member Care team by opening the CLEAR app and tapping "Get in Touch" at the bottom of the home screen or by calling 1-855-CLEARME (253-2763).

  • What about privacy issues?

    CLEAR will not share your specific answers to any questions with your organization. CLEAR may provide reporting to your organization on your usage of Health Pass with your organization, including your green, amber, or red status.